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30 Of The Best Lyrics About Summer


Memorial Day is nearly here, signifying the unofficial start of summer. And the promise of forthcoming warmer weather has us itching to listen to songs that are a little more upbeat and bright than our current fare. For those of you who feel similarly, fear not: We’ve compiled a playlist of tracks to help you get into the summer groove, too. From throwback jams to current hits, if you’re looking for the lines that most capture that forever feeling of summer — a carefree attitude, sun-kissed skin, the salt air — look no further. These next 30 lyrics are summer served in a song.

1. “Well, summer slipped us underneath her tongue / Our days and nights are perfumed with obsession” – “The Louvre,” Lorde

Lorde explores a summer romance on the Melodrama standout track “The Louvre.”

2. “That’s when I make the wish, to swim away with the fish / Is it supposed to be this hot all summer long?” – “Malibu,” Miley Cyrus

While not explicitly about summer, “Malibu” does mention the season and generally evokes a feel-good feeling often associated with warmer days.

3. “It’s too hard to sleep / I got the sheets on the floor, nothing on me / And I can’t take it no more it’s a hundred degrees” – “Want to Want Me,” Jason Derulo

Wherever Jason Derulo is, it’s literally so hot out he can’t even sleep. Welcome to summer!

4. “Kiss me hard before you go / Summertime sadness” – “Summertime Sadness” – Lana Del Rey

There’s nothing more depressing than the mid-way realization that nothing gold can stay.

5.  “Baby, you’ll just be my summer boyfriend” – “Summerboy,” Lady Gaga

Long live the summer fling.

6. “No stress, baby you can find us / Getting down on a beach in Dubai / Pool side, sippin’ on a Mai Tai / Double up, run it back on my mind” – “The Life,” Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony explores a carefree, indulgent summer escape.

7. “There is something about the summer / That makes me moody” – “Summer Mood,”  Best Coast

When the weight of conflicting summer feelings hits you, full force.

8. “The heat is blazing like the 4th of July / I got the air con on, and it’s blasted on high / So just grab something cool and jump in your ride / Pick up everybody, I’ll be waiting outside” – “Summer’s Not Hot,” Selena Gomez & The Scene

A younger Selena explores a literal interpretation of hot summer days.

9. “When I met you in the summer / To my heartbeat’s sound / We fell in love as the leaves turned brown,” – “Summer,” Calvin Harris

Summer love so often turns cold.

10. “I’m talkin’ trips to Puerto Rico / Say the word as we go” – “That’s What I Like,” Bruno Mars

Nothing says summer like a beach house in Miami and a spontaneous trip to Puerto Rico.

11. “Summer heat, boy and girl / but oh, oh those summer nights…” — Grease, ”Summer Nights”

Is there any song that says “summer” more than “Summer Nights” from Grease? Whether you’re a stickler for the John Travolta and Olivia Newton John original or can’t stop blasting Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit’s version, “Summer Nights” — and particularly the lyric above — perfectly capture the feeling of your first summer fling. 

12. “Relax and stand in the warmth of the sand / The day is long / And here for you and I to capture” — “Warmth of the Sand,” Dashboard Confessional

Chris Carrabba, lead singer of Dashboard, can describe a moment like no other. On “Warmth of the Sand,” he encapsulates that feeling of digging your toes into the beach, summer day stretched out ahead, when the only things you have to contemplate are those endless possibilities. 

13. “Our song is the slamming screen door / Sneakin’ out late, tappin’ on your window…” — “Our Song,” Taylor Swift

The telltale creak of the screen door is a sure sign of summer, and attempting to stealthily sneak out of it is certainly indicative of a summer romance. That Taylor Swift — always so perceptive of those summer hallmarks. 

14. “I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand / Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand” — “Toes,” Zac Brown Band

The chorus of ZBB’s “Toes” should be the sole advertisement of every beach vacation ever.

15. “I keep on hoping we’ll eat cake by the ocean” I KEEP ON HOPING WE’LL EAT CAKE BY THE OCEAN”  — “Cake By The Ocean,” DNCE

Hands up if you thought this inescapable jam was actually about a seaside picnic (guilty). Turns out, “cake by the ocean” is actually what the Swedish producers of the track kept accidentally calling “sex on the beach.” And according to Joe Jonas, “Cake by the Ocean” is all about getting a little oceanfront action. 

16. “Summer, summer, summertime / Time to kick back and unwind” — “Summertime,” Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff

‘90s summer in a song, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Summertime” brings back memories of those relaxing summer days of youth.

17. “New Kids On The Block had a bunch of hits / Chinese food makes me sick / And I think it’s fly when girls stop by / For the summer, for the summer…” — “Summer Girls,” LFO

With its random assortment of pop culture references (Abercrombie & Fitch, NKOTB, Chinese food?), LFO knows the key to any summer girl’s heart.

18. “On that drop tailgate, on a summer night / Something ’bout beer, sittin’ on ice” — “Somethin’ Bout A Truck,” Kip Moore

Country artists are famous for painting pictures with their words, and nothing describes summer more vividly than Kip Moore singing about an ice-cold beer on a hot night.

19. “We’re waxing down our surboards / We can’t wait for June…” — “Surfin’ USA,” Beach Boys

For all intents and purposes, the Beach Boys are summer. So this image of the band prepping to surf and longing for warmth —  backed up by their iconic ‘60s sound — is all anyone needs to get ready for the beach.

20. “She was sippin’ on Southern and singing Marshall Tucker / We were fallin’ in love in the sweet heart of summer…” — “Cruise,” Florida Georgia Line

The majority of Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” conjures up images of driving with the windows rolled down and the breeze through your hair. But what is so great about this line is how it so vividly describes a country gal in July; a summer aesthetic everyone secretly wants TBH.

21. “Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top / Sun-kissed skin, so hot we’ll melt your popsicle” — “California Gurls,” Katy Perry

Katy Perry just described every beach girl’s essential summer wardrobe. 

22. “I can’t wait to fall in love with you / You can’t wait to fall in love with me / This just can’t be summer love, you’ll see” — “Summer Love,” Justin Timberlake

JT knows how it feels to want to turn a summer romance into something more serious.

23. “I like the summer rain / I like the sounds you make / We put the world away / We get so disconnected” – “Disconnected,” 5 Seconds of Summer

24. “On an island in the sun / We’ll be playing and having fun / And it makes me feel so fine / I can’t control my brain” — “Island In The Sun,” Weezer

Vacation brain fry is real. The only cure? More time relaxing by the water. Preferably with a drink in hand.

25. “There’s a place on the corner of Cherry Street / We would walk to the beach in our bare feet” — “Ocean Avenue,” Yellowcard

Sandy feet are a staple of summer.

26. “Up on the shore they work all day / Out in the sun they slave away / While we devotin’ / Full time to floatin’ / Under the seat” — “Under The Sea,” The Little Mermaid

Sebastian has a point. Which is exactly why this lyric from “Under the Sea” basically demands that you forget real life, grab an inner tube, and float in the ocean. 

27. “And school is out, so let’s get it on / Flip-flop tans and some white sand, I know the perfect spot” – “Summer Nights,” Rascal Flatts

It was difficult to pick just one line from Rascal Flatts’ “Summer Nights” to include on this list, but the allure of flip-flop tan lines and white sand beaches was impossible to resist.

28. “‘Cause you were mine for the summer / Now we know it’s nearly over…” — “Summer Love,” One Direction

As July turns to August, those first pangs of reality start to set in. On the bright side, at least you have 1D’s vocals to soothe you.

29. “Now the nights turn colder, your head’s on my shoulder / We do our best to pretend / THe waves turn louder, I’m lost without her / The summer starts to end…” — “Blame it on September,” Allstar Weekend

For anyone who has ever had a summer romance, these lyrics cut right to the heart. As Labor Day looms ahead, it’s tough to stay in the moment and hope that things will last once September hits.

30. “Oh when I look back now / That summer seemed to last forever / And if I had the choice / Yeah, I’d always wanna be there / Those were the best days of my life…” — “Summer Of ’69,” Bryan Adams

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