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Lady Gaga Dined on Escargot at Justine's Brasserie


Pop icon Lady Gaga stopped into late-night French spot Justine’s Brassiere on Monday night. Wearing a sparkly white evening gown, Mother Monster reportedly dined undisturbed by fans with her fiancé Christian Carino while wearing a sparkly white evening gown, according to a tweet.

Co-owner Justine Gilcrease told Eater that singer first visited the bar at Justine’s, snacking on escargot and drinking dirty martinis and red wine. She was then ushered into the restaurant’s elegant seasonal winter tent, occupying an emerald velvet booth. No word yet on her choice of entree.

Lady Gaga is set to perform tonight at the Frank Erwin Center. With all the trendy restaurants on the east side, Justine’s seems a particularly apt choice for Lady Gaga, who is reportedly quite the food fan. She regularly makes the rounds of restaurants in New York and started her current Joanne world tour by hitting dive bars –– so maybe hang around these Austin favorites with fingers crossed?

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