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Lady Gaga Speaks Out About Her Struggles With Mental Health


Lady Gaga spoke about her struggles at the Children Mending Hearts fundraiser

With mental health currently a hot topic, and rightfully so, Lady Gaga bravely spoke up about how she deals with her own mental health, and asks everyone to just be kind.

Yes Gaga!

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Gaga and her mother were being celebrated for the work they’ve done within the Born This Way Foundation, and the megastar used the platform to discuss mental health, mental illness and suicide.


Talking about their foundation, Gaga said: “We bring people together to have real, honest conversations and to be kind.”

“Kindness is not an afterthought to our work. It is the driving power for everything we do. It is the lens we view every challenge through. It is framing the way we put everything around every possible solution,” she said.

The babe went on to say: “To me, almost every problem you can think of can be solved with kindness. At least it could be made better. Kindness has a soft undertone. Sometimes people think it is weak. It is tremendously powerful. It can change the way that we view each other. The way that we view our communities and the way that we work. Even the way that we feel about ourselves, by being kinder to ourselves. We need more kindness in the world.”

That we do Gaga, and we’re so happy that she’s using her platform to bring more awareness to a cause that so deserves it.


Being super candid about her own mental health, Gaga spoke about the importance of speaking up when facing challenges, saying: “I truly believe that secrets keep you sick.”

Finishing up her speech in true Gaga form, after sending love towards her mother for all of her hard work, she said: “Suicidal ideation feels like a spell and we have to have empathy. Be kind and help each other break that spell and live and thrive.”

And she couldn’t be more right – it takes a village. So be kind, be understanding and most importantly, take the time to listen.

If you need support or just want more info about mental health, head to mind.org.uk for loads of resources and support.

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