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Lamar's Got Talent

Lamar's Got Talent


The country song “Your Man” by Josh Turner, “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga, a “Girl on Fire” and “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” ballad mash-up, a traditional tribal African dance, a Christian song performance and a hip-hop robotic dance group.

These were some of the acts at “Lamar’s Got Talent,” a student talent show held at Lamar Consolidated High School’s auditorium on Wednesday.

kAm{2>2C r@?D@=:52E65 ;F?:@C 2?5 %2=6?E [email protected] r92:C {:K |4r2CE9J D92C65 E92E E9:D D49@@= J62C’D [email protected]>2?46D 2C6 >@C6 5:G6CD6 “E92? H6’G6 D66? [email protected][ H9:49 x [email protected]]k^Am
[email protected] @?=J E96 4@?E6DE2?ED 2C6 5:G6CD6[ 3FE E96 24ED E92E E96J’C6 [email protected]>:?8[” D96 [email protected]] “(6 92G6 2 [email protected]=6 @7 32==25D] (6 92G6 2 52?4:?8 [email protected][ E96J’C6 DFA6C 8@@5] xE’D 2 >@C6 [email protected]@E:4 52?46 DEJ=6 2?5 H6 92G6 2 8:C= [email protected]>:?8 2 EC25:E:@?2=[ EC:32= p7C:42? 52?46]”k^Am
[email protected] E96 E9C66 ;F586D — [email protected]=5 9:[email protected] 2?5 [email protected] E62496C %@>>J ~=:G6C[ pDD:DE2?E q2?5 s:[email protected] p?5C62 $2?496K[ 2?5 s2?46 [email protected] pC:6= (2ED@? — 82G6 4@>>6?E2CJ @? E96 DEF56?ED’ 24ED 27E6C 6249 [email protected]>2?46[ E96 H:??6CD H6C6 [email protected]? 3J E96 2F5:6?46]k^Am
kAm“%96 C62D@? H6 [email protected] E96D6 ;F586D 😀 H6 H2?E65 [email protected]=6 H9@ 2 [email protected] @7 E96 DEF56?ED <?6H[” {:K [email protected]] “~=:G6C E62496D 2 E@? @7 E96 DEF56?ED H96? E96J’C6 7C6D9>6? 2?5 [email protected]@>@C6D]”k^Am
kAm%9:D J62C[ D96 25565[ E96 D49@@= 4@?5F4E65 2? 2F5:6?46’D 49@:46 2H2C5 H96C6 2F5:6?46 >6>36CD [email protected]=5 [email protected] [email protected] E96:C [email protected]:E6 24ED [email protected] 2 &#{ =:?< G:2 A9@?6]k^Am
kAm%96 {2>2C’D [email protected] %2=6?E H:??6CD H6C6 E96 “s2?4:?8 !@=@ z:5D” – 7C6D9>6? ry |25F<2[ (:==:2> wF>A9C6J[ #JF r6=6DE6 2?5 ;F?:@C t==:@EE [email protected]: — H9@ [email protected]>65 2 9:[email protected][ [email protected]@E:4 52?46 E@ E96 D@?8D “rC2G6 [email protected][” “(2:E a]_” 2?5 “)~ [email protected] {:76” 3J {:= &K: ‘6CE 2?5 |C] [email protected]@E]k^Am
kAmu:CDEA=246CF??6C FA H2D z2J=2 vF==6J’D [email protected]>2?46 @7 “|:==:@? #62D@?D” 3J {25J v282 2?5 [email protected]:E6 H2D [email protected] #:G6C2’D [email protected]>2?46 @7 “|F=E:A=:65” 3J [email protected]]k^Am
kAm“(6 [email protected]<65 D@ 92C5 @? :E[ H6 962C5 [email protected] E96 2F5:E:@?D EH@ 52JD [email protected][ H6 925 ?@ :562[” D92C65 ry]k^Am
kAm“$@ H6 7C66DEJ=65 [email protected] 2F5:E:@?D 2?5 H6 >256 :E] %96? H6 DE2CE65 [email protected]<:?8 @FC 369:?5D @77 6G6CJ 52J 27E6C 2?5 [email protected] D49@@=]”k^Am
kAm“(6 6?565 FA 255:?8 >@C6 E92? [email protected]=6 E96 2>@F?E ,@7 E:>6. 5FC:?8 E96 =2DE EH@ H66<D[” 25565 #JF] “xE H2D @C:8:?2==J EH@ >:?FE6D 3FE E9:D H2D 7:G6]”k^Am
kAmpD [email protected] E96 D@?8 49@:46nk^Am
kAm“x H2D 8:G:?8 DF886DE:@? 27E6C DF886DE:@? 2?5 H6 H6?E E@ [email protected]%F36] x D66 E96 “)~ [email protected] {:76” 2?5 x H2D =:<6[ ‘|2?[ E9:D D@?8 [email protected] 92C5[’ 3FE 9:D 525[ :E E@@< 9:> D@>6 E:>6 E@ ,4@>6 [email protected]?5.[” C642==65 ry]k^Am
kAm“|J 525’D 2 [email protected] [email protected] D@ 96’D 2 =:EE=6 DEC:4E @? FD[” 6IA=2:?65 #JF[ H9@ 25565 9:D A2C6?ED H6C6 2=D@ 52?46CD]k^Am
kAm“x 82G6 9:> E96 D@?8 2?5 2FE@>2E:42==J[ 96 D2:5 ?@[” D2:5 ry] “$@ x H2D =:<6[ ‘~z[ H6’C6 8@:?8 E@ 92G6 E@ [email protected] [email protected] 525 E96 :?DECF>6?E2=]’ p?5 96 D2:5[ ‘}29[ :E’D E@@ C6A6E:E:G6]’ $@ H6 FD65 E96 >:55=6 D@?8 “(2:E a]_” 2?5 H6 28C665 @? :E F?2?:>@FD=J]”k^Am
kAm%@ 255 E@ E96 DFDA6?D6 @7 E96 [email protected]>2?46[ ry H2?E65 E@ :?4=F56 2 DFCAC:D6 [email protected]]k^Am
kAm“x H2D D:EE:?8 😕 E96 [email protected] E96 H9@=6 E:>6 2?5 H2E49:?8 [email protected] 24E] x >256 :E D66> =:<6 x H2D?’E [email protected] E@ [email protected]>[” D2:5 ry] w6 ;@<65 E@ 2== 9:D 7C:6?5D E92E 96 [email protected] 😕 [email protected]=6 2?5 [email protected]=5?’E [email protected]> 2?J >@C6]k^Am
kAmp7E6C E96 7:CDE D@?8[ 96 CFD965 E@ E96 DE286 2?5 [email protected][ “pC6 J’2== C625J E@ 86E =:En” ry 25565[ “p?5 E96? x H6?E FA 2?5 H6 <:==65 :E]”k^Am
kAm%96 7:CDEA=246 H:??6CD H@? 2 S`__ 42D9 AC:K6[ 6249 52?46C C646:G:?8 Sad]k^Am
kAm“t249 A6CD@? 😕 6249 24E 925 E@ A2J 2 S`_ 6?ECJ 766 2?5 E92E [email protected] E@ E96 7:CDE A=246 H:??6C AC:K6[” 6IA=2:?65 {:K]k^Am
kAm“(6 925 [email protected] b_ 24ED ECJ @FE E9:D J62C[ H9:49 H2D DFA6C 4@@= 3FE 2=D@ 962CE3C62<:?8] (6 H6C6 @?=J [email protected] E@ 49@@D6 `a[ 3FE [email protected] [email protected] D@ E92E [email protected] :E [email protected]? E@ 6:89E]k^Am
kAm“%9:D 😀 E96 7:CDE J62C H6 925 2 3:886C A2C6?E 2F5:6?46 4@>6[” D96 25565]k^Am
kAm$:?46 E96 E2=6?E [email protected] 😀 @?=J 96=5 6G6CJ @E96C D49@@= J62C[ {:K D92C65 E92E :E’D 6IEC2 DA64:2= [email protected] E96 ;F?:@CD 2?5 D6?:@CD D:?46 :E’== 36 E96 =2DE @?6]k^Am
kAmp?5 E96 ;F586D D66>65 E@ 92G6 [email protected] E96 [email protected]>2?46D]k^Am
kAm“tG6CJ@?6 😕 E96 2F5:6?46 [email protected] 6G6CJ D:?8=6 @?6 @7 [email protected][ D@ [email protected] [email protected]=5 36 C62==J [email protected] [email protected] AFEE:?8 [email protected]=G6D @FE E96C6[” D2:5 $2?496K]k^Am
kAm“x H2D G6CJ :>AC6DD65[” 25565 (2ED@?] “ x 5:5?’E C62=:K6 H6 925 D@ >F49 E2=6?E 96C6 2E {2>2C]”k^Am
kAm~=:G6C 4@?4=F565[ “xE H2D 2>2K:?8[ 2>2K:?8[ 2>2K:?8]”k^Am

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