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Three bright images of Lady Gaga: from romance to outrageous

Three bright images of Lady Gaga: from romance to outrageous


Lady Gaga

Each appearance of Lady Gaga in public, be it the red carpet or just walking in the city, is a kind of show, if not a real masquerade. Think before you leave the house, the artist carefully thinks over their way to once again surprise the audience and to prove that she is the Queen of outrageous modernity. Yesterday 32-year-old singer managed the day to change as many as three outfits, and they were all quite similar to each other. Romantic, business, fatal — these images are just a few hours managed to show the star. Each of them — in our material.


Yes, artist, as, indeed, almost any girl, sometimes wants to be romantic person. And this white airy dress with skirt-pack in which the star appeared on the streets of new York, — proof. Your gentle way she, oddly enough, complements the classic black winklepicker shoes with open heel and a vintage clutch. He, by the way, there came in very handy and perfectly in harmony with a little old-fashioned the high hair of the singer. Giving this time a preference for the minimalist artist made the image of modest earrings, a bracelet and sunglasses.


Another her image was more reserved. This time the star showed that she knows how to be elegant. It turns out that in the wardrobe of Lady Gaga is not only eccentric outfits, but stylish business suits. So, the star made a choice in favor of a MIDI-skirt and long fitted jacket large gray yellow plaid. Shoes, clutch bag and sunglasses are the same, but the earrings she chose the other. Her bow gave a little too retro, however it looked this way, very harmonious.


Without the eccentric outfit are, of course, too, was not. The last image of Lady Gaga is the most vivid and shocking. Inspired, apparently, the jazz era of the 60’s, the star chose ultrashort red dress with tulle, high black gloves, fishnets, shoes and a small handbag in the spirit of the time. Became Gaga to be modest with the accessories by wearing a large necklace, earrings and bracelet on each hand. Makeup is also bright “smoky eyes” and bright red lipstick to match the outfit. And it went like this wherever you think? Not at a theme party, but only for dinner with friends.

Some of these images of the singer you like the most?

What is the image of Lady Gaga do you like more?


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