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Windborne Vocal Quartet Makes Woods Hole Debut


The Woods Hole Folk Music Society’s 46th season will continue on Sunday, February 25, with a performance by the quartet Windborne. The concert will take place at 7:30 PM in the Community Hall, 68 Water Street, Woods Hole. Doors open at 7 PM. Admission is $20 with discounts for members, seniors, youth and children. The hall is handicapped-accessible, and street parking is free after 6 PM.

Internationally acclaimed folk band Windborne is a group of four vocalists specializing in close harmony singing. Praised for the purity of their voices and attention to detail in their arrangements, Lynn Mahoney Rowan, Will Thomas Rowan, Lauren Breunig, and Jeremy Carter-Gordon share a vibrant energy onstage. While deeply rooted in American traditions, their collective musical knowledge spans many continents and cultures, and they perform in several diverse styles of traditional music during their concerts.

For several years, Lauren Breunig sang with the choral group Village Harmony in Vermont. Ms. Breunig traveled with Village Harmony’s first study program to Corsica and more recently has traversed the US and Europe with the Northern Harmony touring group. She has also sung with Hallowell, a hospice choir.

Jeremy Carter-Gordon joined Windborne in 2013, bringing bass vocals and a second banjo to the group. He has studied Swedish folk dance at the Erik Sahlström Institute in Sweden and in 2011 he traveled across Europe on a Watson Fellowship, researching sword dance traditions. Mr. Carter-Gordon is well known in the folk music and dance community for his expertise in singing, playing and dancing and has taught traditional music and dance on five continents.

Lynn Mahoney Rowan is a veteran singer with the Northern Harmony group. She is a workshop leader and teacher for Village Harmony and directs the teen choir for Revels North productions. Ms. Rowan has traveled to Corsica to study traditional polyphonic singing and specializes in highly ornamented singing styles from Corsica and Eastern Georgia. She is an accomplished song arranger, and has composed music for several productions including Federico Lorca’s “Blood Wedding,” directed by Eric Bass.

Singer, storyteller, composer and multi-instrumentalist Will Thomas Rowan specializes in compositions inspired by shape-note and ballad singing traditions. He has sung for many years with Northern Harmony and now teaches for Village Harmony and Revels North. Mr. Rowan’s diverse experiences including singing in a Russian Orthodox monastery choir, composing Afro-Scandinavian fusion music with Kidimandi percussion ensemble, playing rock and jazz piano, and performing Lady Gaga covers on banjo. With Windborne, Mr. Rowan plays banjo and two Georgian stringed instruments, the panduri and the dhonguri, as well as traditional Bulgarian drum.

Windborne has released five CDs to date. Its most recent, “Song On The Times,” is an illustrated songbook and album that brings together music from 400 years of working class movements for people’s rights in the US and UK. Its video “Song of the Lower Classes” was performed in New York City last year and has been seen more than 1 million times on the Internet.

The group has toured England, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Angola, sharing its love of traditional music with audiences and workshop participants across a broad cultural spectrum.

Tickets for Windborne are available at the door at a cost of $20 with discounts for members, seniors, youth, and children.

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